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Processing plant


Piston Ring Foundry





Owning the most advanced piston ring producing line in industry,

Including energy-saving intermediate frequency furnace.

Full PLC control of sand processing line.

Multistation moulding machine and semi-automatic double ball track teeming line.

Piston ring new multi arc ion plating (PVD) equipment

Sand automatic processing line

The piston ring blank automatic tempering furnace


Surface treatment workshop






Piston ring comprehensive machine shop




The key profession al production equipments which are introduced from Japan,

Switzerland,Germany,France and so on.

effectively guaranteeing the precision of the products.




  High-precision double ended grinding machine for piston ring from Japan



High-precision vertical -

spindle double ended

S-type lined ring shaping

machine introduced

from Japan


Steel ring automatic

winding machine introduced

from Japan

Piston ring external parallel

surface moulding grinder

introduced from Japan


The contour lathe and profiling milling machine of internal and externalpiston ring from Switzerland






Surface treatment workshop





lt's the first domestic chrome-faced production line which is automatic controlled by computer, and it has the advantage with high efficiency, good quality,cost-saving, environment protecting etc. NPM owns the most advanced chrome-Ceramics plating line (which calls CCIP)

which is independent research and development and has the proprietary intellectual property right.





Chrome-Ceramic Plating( CCIP) su rface treatment production line of piston ring

Steel ring gas nitriding treatment line


Phosphate and synthesizes chromium plated automatic

production line of piston ring






Piston comprehensive machine shop





The key machining process is finished by the industry most advanced  

and professional equipment,

it has the excellent point with high precision, high efficiency etc.







Piston type line processing of

CNC equipmen







Piston pin hole accurate

boring lathe

Pistons automatic tinned plated

production line

Piston noncircuIar cylindrical lathe

The CNC taking to cut off equipment

for the piston blan


Profiled piston pin hole processing

boring lathe

Multistation numerically controlled lathe for piston

Aluminum piston automatic filler casting machine

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